Antonio J. Palacios de Torres, Jose A. López Marqués, José Luis Fernández Ruiz y José Cortés Macías.

Founded in 1994, it is now a well-established Boutique Corporate and Business Law Firm which focusses on specialisation and ongoing in-house training, with its highly approachable professionals providing immediate responses to help clients on a daily basis.

Palacios de Torres and Associates is a firm of lawyers, economists and consultants specialising in tax, employment and trade affairs. 

We are specialists in Corporate and Business Law.

Our goal

Our goal is to give added value to our clients through innovative and successful legal strategies.

Our philosophy

Our work philosophy focusses on being the turn-to legal department for our clients and ultimately being their true strategic partner. This is thanks not just to the far-reaching technical knowledge of our firm’s law, economics and tax/accounting professionals, but also to the in-depth understanding of the key issues of each client’s business, issues and current situation.

Our vast experience is always available to our clients

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