Área de Gestión


  • Financial and tax planning.
  • Ongoing advice.
  • Preparation of accounts from the documentation provided by the company in accordance with the General Accounting Plan.
  • Authentication of official accounting records in the Trade Register.
  • Daily ledger.
  • Inventory book and financial statements. Preparation and presentation of VAT:
    • Model 303 (VAT) on a quarterly basis.
    • Model 390 (VAT) annual summary.
    • Model 347 (annual statement of operations with third parties).
  • Preparation and presentation of income tax, including:
    • Model 115 (income tax withholding on leases) on a quarterly basis.
    • Model 180 (income tax withholding on leases) on an annual basis.
  • Preparation of corporate tax: based on the official accounting records, the necessary off-the-books adjustments will be made to prepare corporate tax, as well as a detailed study of all the deductions, particularities and benefits which may be applicable according to the legislation in force for the presentation of said tax:
    • Model 202 (payment on account of corporation tax).
    • Model 200 Corporation Tax (annual).
  • Preparation of the company financial statements to be recorded in the Trade Register, in accordance with regulations, including the preparation of balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flows, and the memorandum with details of the related-party transactions carried out by the company.
  • Attendance at tax inspections:
    • Preliminary advice to the client on citations and requirements of the tax inspection.
    • Attendance, together with or on behalf of the client, at citations before the Tax Agency Inspection Authority.